“José Maya, creates a passionate, brave stance and swing overs of intense flamenco dancing. He has a skilled and authentic technique way of dancing. When Maria Vizárraga approaches to sing to him, we can appreciate captivating, heart trending moments of total giving to one another, full of intensity. He conjugates his slender figure with head, arms, chest, waist, legs and feet, with extraordinary perfection and bursting temperament.  ”



“Jose Maya carries with him three aces of supreme importance to officiate the mystery of the flamenco dancing: svelte figure, genetic structure and a fount of wisdom. Inevitable, when we see him jacket on the shoulder leaving the stage with the walk of a forgotten Ganges therefore known, to think about the maxim never sufficient times repeated of that, in the dance, the elegance neither is learned nor even bought: it’s worn. That child who amazed us all for his imagination and assured flamenco dances in the family’s parties is today a full-grown artist who glides on the stages with the magnetic imprint of everything born with destiny. Few flamencos dance with his value, equally to the inspirator of the throws of verónica the Heron, ” rare bird “, beats in its evenings of genius the bull in the middle of The Bullfighting of the Countess.”

Joaquín Albaicín

“Jose Maya, suit in red, dancing to the beat of “Solea”. He was undoubtedly the best performer of the evening.  He danced with great technique and with a dazzling speed on his feet.  Showing his body flexibility, the grace of his extraordinary spotting, in front of an absolutely dazzled audience.” “

Diario de Sevilla


Electric end of Play

“The dancer from Madrid is exceptionally gifted for flamenco dancing.  He has a magnetic stage charisma, a deep mastery of rhythm and to top it all, a public that follows him faithfully.”

The digital voice of Cádiz

“Jose Maya danced with strength, profound, a known sense of improvisation, rhythm and sharp figure…very natural, distinction of those who have been graced in their cradle with the wand of talent.”


José Maya closes the Cultural Season performing “Solos en Compañía” with a complete sold out.

“Performing “Bulerías” making compass on a table, José surprised everyone, with his method of dancing which has experienced a small metamorphosis. Calmed, dancing on his spot, his perfect silhouette displayed moments of great beauty. Exuberant!
The audience burst of pleasure whilst shouting and constantly repeating ole, ole, ole meanwhile Jose Maya knowingly of his victory replied with daring twirls.”

Journal of Jerez